About PCE & Face®

Premier Concrete Equipment (PCE) Australia

PCE is a unique and practical equipment company that operates in the fields of concrete, concrete materials, and specialist construction with concrete. PCE team and associates have accumulated some 25 years worldwide experience.

PCE have experienced the satisfaction of being involved in advance construction methodologies on a number of major projects and this has enabled PCE to assist with all the relevant concrete and construction related matters to achieve significant success on such projects.

PCE supports its clients with PRACTICAL, SUSTAINABLE and COST EFFECTIVE solutions that are focused to target outcomes of QUALITY, SAFETY and PROGRAM, and COST EFFECTIVENESS.

The Face® Companies

Face® is the Inventor of the F-Numbers system (FF, FL and Fmin), which is the most popular standards for floor flatness and levelness assessment.

Over the last 45 years, the family-controlled business has dramatically improved concrete floor placement methods, along with flat-and-level measurement tools. The ASTM International standard for concrete floor profile quality control – “F-Numbers” or “Face Numbers” – is named for the company.

Face® has been granted more than 80 U.S. patents, with dozens of patents pending and has garnered numerous national and international awards for technological innovation.

Competition Information

The Flattest Floor Award is given annually by The Flattest Floor Association to those contractors installing the flattest and most level concrete floors. This is the local (Vietnam) version of the Golden Trowel Award.

The Current Contest Year is for floors produced (completed) before 1 October of the year. Any floors that are completed after 1 October will be considered in the next year contest.

The competition is applied for Vietnam only.

  • Candidate floor slab installations must have been completed before 1 October.
  • From 2023, the entire floor must be submitted for evaluation (i.e., the entire area with identical specification & construction criteria).
  • Completed entries must be received on or before October 30, in order to be considered for that year awards.
  • The majority of the castings must be from 800 square meters (the width of these castings must be from 18m)
  • The entire floor area must be from 5,000 square meters.
  • All required data including the digital Dipstick® data, sketch maps, and digital photographs must be included.
  • The Flattest Floor Association Consultant (Face’s Authorized Trainer) will randomly measure 2 slabs to verify the result.
  • Floor slabs must be measured by a Dipstick® Floor Profiler. Sketch maps showing the layout must be submitted.
  • The criteria for evaluation is the FF & FL numbers. The total score follows the formula (FFx2) + FL.
  • The entire floor must achieve at least FF60 FL40.
  • Awards are based on the flatness and levelness, not on the difference between the specified and achieved F-Numbers.
  • Application Fee: 700 USD